House impeachment manager: 'All of the relevant witnesses are on the table'

House impeachment manager: 'All of the relevant witnesses are on the table'
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Rep. Jason CrowJason CrowTrump set to confront his impeachment foes Democratic impeachment manager shares quote from "Harry Potter's" Dumbledore during trial Impeachment manager dismisses concerns Schiff alienated key Republican votes: 'This isn't about any one person' MORE (D-Colo.), one of the House managers in President Trump's impeachment trial, said Sunday he and other Democrats leading the case against the president in the Senate are considering all "relevant witnesses." 

Asked whether House managers are considering calling Lev Parnas, an indicted former associate of Rudy GiulianiRudy GiulianiFederal prosecutors weighing new charges that would bring Parnas investigation closer to Giuliani: report Juan Williams: Don't count Biden out Sunday shows - Spotlight shines on Bloomberg, stop and frisk MORE, Crow told CNN he would not "get into" questions over "any one particular witness."

"All of the relevant witnesses are on the table," Crow added on CNN's "State of the Union." 

Crow added the caveat that "all of this is based on Senate allowing witnesses," which he stressed is necessary in order to have a fair trial, but which Trump's GOP allies have been fighting against. 

"[The president deserves a fair trial, the American people deserve a fair trial," Crow said.

Parnas is a controversial potential witness. He provided additional documents, which were released by the House last week, that appear to corroborate some details central to Trump’s impeachment, including an effort to pressure Ukraine to announce an investigation in former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenJoe Biden lost his fastball — can he get it back before South Carolina? Where the 2020 Democrats stand on taxes Bloomberg hits Sanders supporters in new ad MORE, a leading 2020 Democratic presidential contender. 

Parnas was indicted for and pleaded not guilty to campaign finance law violations last year. He is reportedly looking for ways to work with the prosecutors in his case who are seeking more details on Giuliani’s dealings in Ukraine.

CNN host Brianna Keilar asked Crow if House managers are considering calling for documents provided by Parnas to be considered in the trial, even if Parnas is not called to testify as a witness. 

Crow said that "documents are a great way to assess credibility," but did not say whether that is an option Democrats are pursuing. 

The Senate will vote next week on rules for the trial and will likely delay a vote on calling witnesses until later in the process.