Rep slams 'vulgar images' and 'racist words' that disrupted virtual youth anti-violence event

Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) condemned those who disrupted a virtual event aimed at preventing youth violence in Louisville, Ky. 

"I am sickened by those who disrupted today's amazing @502_con event with vulgar images & racist words," Yarmuth tweeted Saturday. 

"The cowardice of these ignorant bigots-those who hide their hate behind virtual anonymity & get satisfaction from attacking those uniting in compassion-is really just pathetic," he added. 

Yarmuth also said he remains "inspired" by the leaders of the 502 con event who came together to "combat hatred and violence and refuse to back down in the face of it." 

Event leaders said a Zoom call was "abruptly disrupted and hijacked by individuals who were against the message of love and hope that we tried to project." 

"These individuals had the intention of hacking the conference in attempts to silence the voices of leaders who are addressing violence prevention. Though this has presented a monetary pause, it will not hinder our efforts to pursue our purpose," leaders of the event said in a statement. 

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer (D) also condemned those who disrupted the event. 

"I am so proud of and inspired by the young people who organized today's @502_con," Fischer tweeted. "The sick person who disrupted the event will never disrupt the commitment and will of these strong young people. I stand with them as they continue working to combat hate and violence."

The virtual conference was aimed at bringing youth from across Louisville together to discuss issues and causes that lead to violence, according to an event description.