Trump: Liz Cheney’s election remarks sparked by push to bring US troops home

President Trump blasted Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) after the Republican Conference chair suggested he should accept the results of the presidential election, saying she is “unhappy” he is bring U.S. troops home.

“Sorry Liz, can’t accept the results of an election with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes cast, enough to easily flip the Election,” Trump tweeted Saturday, repeating his unfounded claims of widespread election fraud while responding to a Politico article on Cheney’s comments. “You’re just unhappy that I’m bringing the troops back home where they belong!”

The tweet was flagged by the social media platform as containing disputed claims about election fraud.

Although Cheney did not outright acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden as the victor, she implied last week that the president should provide proof of fraud or concede.

“America is governed by the rule of law. The President and his lawyers have made claims of criminality and widespread fraud, which they allege could impact election results,” Cheney said in a statement Friday. “If they have genuine evidence of this, they are obligated to present it immediately in court and to the American people.”

“If the President cannot prove these claims or demonstrate that they would change the election result, he should fulfill his oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States by respecting the sanctity of our electoral process,” she added.

Trump’s team has mounted a flurry of legal challenges to Biden’s victories in key states, including one in Pennsylvania that a federal judge dismissed Saturday. Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee, ruled the campaign’s lawsuit contained “strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations,” adding “this cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of its sixth most populated state.”

The president has campaigned on a pledge to bring U.S. troops home from “endless wars.” His latest comments come several days after he ordered the Pentagon to pull 2,500 U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq by mid-January. 

Trump and Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, have clashed in the past. 

In 2019, she called the president’s move to pull U.S. troops out of Syria ahead of a planned Turkish incursion “a catastrophic mistake.”

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