Omar: ‘Disappointing’ that we’re ‘sending money to less people than the Trump administration’

Greg Nash

Rep. Illhan Omar (D-Minn.) called it “disappointing” that Democrats are “sending money to less people” than former President Trump’s administration with its coronavirus relief bill.

While the current $1.9 trillion proposal includes $1,400 stimulus checks — higher than the $600 and $1,200 approved in previous stimulus bills last year — it also includes tighter caps on who would receive a partial check.

Individuals making up to $75,000 would be eligible for the full stimulus check, while those making between $80,000 and $100,000 — or couples making double that – will get no money, despite getting partial checks in previous bills.

“I see it as a really disappointing development. We obviously are now ultimately sending money to less people than the Trump administration and the Senate majority Republicans,” Omar said Friday in an interview on CNN.

“This is not the promise that we made, this is not what we are given the opportunity to be in the majority in the Senate and to have the White House,” Omar continued. “And so ultimately it is a failure when we compromise ourselves out of delivering on behalf of the American people and keeping our promises.”

Omar noted that millions of fewer people would receive checks under the current proposal, which Democrats will ultimately have to explain.

“The last checks that we were able to send had given 17 million more people than what we will ultimately do with the caps now, and that is going to be something that we’re going to have to explain,” Omar said.

“I don’t know if many of us have a logical explanation on why we are delivering less than what the Republicans were willing to compromise us on delivering on the American people,” she added.

Democrats have voiced frustration over the move to cap the funding, though progressives have signaled they won’t oppose the bill over the move. 

The Senate spent Friday night considering amendments to the relief package, with a final vote expected sometime on Saturday.

Progressive also fumed on Friday after the Senate voted 58-42 to uphold a procedural objection to including an amendment that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Eight moderate Democrats joined Republicans in upholding the objection.


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