Boebert discloses husband’s earnings as consultant for energy firm

Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) husband made more than $400,000 a year as an energy consultant in 2019 and 2020, information she reportedly did not reveal while on the campaign trail but did so in a new financial disclosure form.

The financial disclosure report, filed on Tuesday, showed the lawmaker’s husband, Jayson Boebert, received $478,000 from Terra Energy Productions last year for “consulting services” and $460,000 from the same firm in 2019.

Lauren Boebert, a first-term lawmaker and one of the most outspoken Republicans in Congress, did not disclose her husband’s earnings during her 2020 campaign, according to The Associated Press, which first reported on the new filing. Previous earnings filings reportedly listed his income source as “N/A,” the news service noted.

“Mr. Boebert has worked in energy production for 18 years and has had Boebert Consulting since 2012,” Jake Settle, Boebert’s press secretary, told The Hill on Thursday when reached for comment.

“For any other questions regarding the Congresswoman’s finances, I’d refer you to the disclosure she filed,” he added.

Lauren Boebert scored an unexpected primary victory last year when she bested incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton (R) before going on to win the general election.

In accordance with ethics and campaign finance laws, candidates and members of Congress must disclose sources of income for immediate family members, in addition to major investments and assets.

Boebert has been a staunch advocate for the energy industry, which is popular in her Republican-leaning district.

The new financial disclosure form was filed after the Federal Election Commission this week asked the congresswoman’s campaign why it had sent her $6,650 via Venmo in four different transactions on May 3 and June 3. The campaign said the payments were made in error and had been refunded.

According to the AP, there are no companies registered in Colorado with the name Terra Energy Productions. There is, however, a firm based in Houston called Terra Energy Partners, which refers to itself as “one of the largest producers of natural gas in Colorado.”

The company reportedly has a heavy presence in Boebert’s district.

The financial disclosure form also revealed that Boebert’s restaurant, Shooters Grill, lost $143,000 in 2019 and $226,000 in 2020, according to the AP.

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