Dingell fundraises off Greene altercation on Capitol steps

Democratic Rep. Debbie Dingell (Mich.) on Friday launched a message to supporters fundraising off of her heated exchange with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on the steps of the Capitol after the Georgia congresswoman started heckling House Democrats over their vote on an abortion access bill.

In the email, Dingell’s reelection campaign team said Greene “attacked Democrats on the steps of the Capitol, heckling and yelling (maskless) after passing the Women’s Health Protection Act.”

“Debbie Dingell stood up against MTG, proving that she is the tough leader we need in Congress who is willing to fight for progress and for us,” the campaign added, referring to the GOP lawmaker by her initials.

The email went on to say, “We know that women from Michigan get the job done, and today, Debbie stood up against a bully heckling her colleagues.”

The campaign noted that Dingell is facing an upcoming federal campaign finance deadline, calling on supporters to donate to “show tough leaders like Debbie that we have her back and we’re standing with her.”

“Republicans like MTG are not going to back down and they’re going to keep spreading misinformation and making attacks against Democrats’ agenda,” the email added. 

The altercation Friday occurred after Greene began shouting at dozens of Democrats assembled on the Capitol steps preparing for a news conference on the House passage of a bill ensuring nationwide abortion access.

The legislation came after the Supreme Court’s decision earlier this month to not block a Texas law that prohibits nearly all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

The bill passed in a 218-211 vote largely along party lines, with one conservative Democrat, Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas), voting against the measure.

Rep. Pete Aguilar (Calif.), the Democratic Caucus vice chair, at one point during Friday’s incident told Greene she was being “performative,” after which she hit back, “No, you’re performative.”

Video capturing the exchanges showed Dingell moments later walking down the steps before she began yelling at Greene, instructing her to follow the church’s tenets and “respect your neighbor.”

Greene could be heard telling Democrats, “Try being a Christian,” to which Dingell shouted back, “You try being a Christian!”

“And try treating your colleagues decently!” Dingell added while pointing her finger toward Greene.

Greene has previously gotten into several public altercations with her Democratic colleagues, including in May when she confronted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) in a hallway and repeatedly asked her why she supported “terrorists” like antifa and Black Lives Matter.

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