Report: Megyn Kelly in talks with ABC

Report: Megyn Kelly in talks with ABC
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Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly is engaged in talks with ABC, according to a Thursday report.

A person familiar with the discussions told Vanity Fair that “ABC has renewed, and perhaps sweetened, its effort to woo Kelly” within the last month.


But a response from ABC News and parent company Disney appears to throw cold water on the idea that any tangible offer is on the table for the host of “The Kelly File.”

"As much as we appreciate and admire Megyn Kelly’s talents, this is simply not true. There has never been an offer of any job, and therefore there is nothing that could be sweetened. End of story.”

Kelly's private spokesperson, Leslee Dart, indicated that while an offer may not be on the table with ABC, discussions are happening there and at other major networks.

"People can parse language any way they want," said Dart, who runs a PR firm and isn't affiliated with Fox News.

"The fact of the matter is that fortunately Megyn Kelly has been presented with more opportunities than ever before."

Kelly's contract expires with Fox in July 2017, but it has reportedly offered her $20 million a year to stay on.