Favre calls in for Van Susteren's debut

Favre calls in for Van Susteren's debut
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Former Fox News and CNN host Greta Van Susteren made her MSNBC debut on Monday night with a wide-ranging guest list that included a call from Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre. 

“My favorite quarterback. How are you?” Van Susteren asked. 

“I’m doing great. Sounds like you’re doing great," the retired Favre replied. 

Van Susteren, a Wisconsin native, is a lifelong Packers fan and has often had Favre on her program in the past. 

To start the show, the former civil defense attorney declared the main reason for her return to cable news centered around "unfinished business"  

“Yes I’m back,” she said. "Why? Several reasons. But in part unfinished business.” 

Van Susteren noted unsettled stories she’s covered for year, including the story of 276 kidnapped girls in Nigeria by terror group Boko Haram "1,001 days ago" and American FBI agent Robert Levinson's disappearance in Iran 10 years ago.
“Returning to news gives me opportunity to play a small part in trying to help,” she said.

“I love my new colleagues here at MSNBC and I always love you the viewers,” said Van Susteren in closing out "For the Record." 
The Hill will report on ratings for Van Susteren's debut on Tuesday afternoon upon their release from Nielsen Research.