Limbaugh: Marching women had ‘little temper tantrum’

Rush Limbaugh slammed Saturday's women's march, calling those who participated “fragile” and saying they did so because of a “little temper tantrum.”

“They can't even tell us why these women protested. They can’t even tell us,” Limbaugh said on his Monday program. “What are they protesting? Are they really protesting that a guy was caught on video tape saying he wanted to grab women by the [p----]? Really? 

“Is that how delicate, is that how sensitive, is that how fragile these women are? Really? After years and years of feminism?"


Saturday's marches across the world drew an estimated 3 million people, greatly exceeding expectations. 

But Limbaugh argued they are unlikely to result in a net gain for the Democratic Party. 

“Trump hasn’t done anything but utter a bunch of words and win an election, and these women simply can’t take it,” the 66-year-old host said. “From Madonna to Ashley Judd. It’s embarrassing. But folks, it’s not going to rebuild the Democratic Party. 

“They can’t even tell you what they’re doing it for. They’re just having a little temper tantrum.” 

Both Judd and Madonna spoke at the march in Washington.

Madonna said she “thought about blowing up the White House,” while Judd branded Trump as “Hitler renamed.”

Limbaugh signed a multiyear extension with iHeartMedia in August and draws an average of 13 million listeners per week.