CNN's Borger: 'SNL' skit made Spicer 'more subdued'

CNN's Borger: 'SNL' skit made Spicer 'more subdued'
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CNN's Gloria Borger suggested that White House press secretary Sean Spicer was more subdued during his Tuesday press briefing because of actress Melissa McCarthy's portrayal of him during a "Saturday Night Live" skit that went viral over the weekend. 

“Overall, it was a little more subdued," Borger, who serves as CNN's chief political analyst, said during a panel segment. 

"It's the post-Melissa McCarthy of [inaudible]," injected senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson. 

"It was. It really was," agreed Borger. "It was very clear that the McCarthy improvisation on 'Saturday Night Live' really affected Sean, and I think he was trying to tone it down today to a great degree.”
McCarthy portrayed Spicer as a brash press secretary willing to terrorize and lie to the media, trading barbs with reporters, bumping them with a podium and even shooting one with a water gun.
The analysis of Spicer's reaction to the skit comes as the White House and CNN again traded differing accounts on Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway's status as a guest on the network. 
Spicer said today that CNN had "walked back" its comments on Conway, which prompted an immediate reply from the network. 
“CNN was clear, on the record, about our concerns about Kellyanne Conway’s credibility to the New York Times and others. We have not ‘retracted’ or ‘walked back’ those comments,” CNN's official public relations account tweeted. “Those are the facts." 

The network claimed on Saturday that the White House offered up Conway to appear on Sunday political program "State of the Union" instead of Vice President Pence, who appeared on similar programs on CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox. CNN said it turned down the offer. 
Conway insisted on Twitter that she was not able to appear on any Sunday morning political programs that day, citing family obligations. She did appear on Fox's "Media Buzz," for an interview with host Howard Kurtz, but the interview was taped before Sunday. 
Conway also stated she would be appearing on CNN on Monday or Tuesday in a tweet sent on Monday, seemingly contradicting the network's concerns with her credibility. 
Several outlets reported that Conway will appear on Jake Tapper's program, "The Lead," at 4 p.m. Tuesday.