Dancing kids interrupt BBC interview

What started as a standard Skype interview on the BBC went viral Friday after the interviewee's young children unexpectedly walked into room during the broadcast. 

The interview gained major attention on social media Friday. The topic was supposed to focus on the aftermath of the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-hye, but instead got overshadowed when BBC guest Robert Kelly's two toddlers suddenly entered in the room.
“Pardon me. My apologies,” said a relatively calm Kelly as he tried to gently keep his children out of the shot. 
My apologies," he repeated. "Sorry."
A woman who appears to be Kelly's wife is next seen frantically entering the room to get the children out. But even after being escorted out, the kids could still be heard screaming in another room. 
“Robert, thanks. You’ve got some children who need you,” an amused BBC anchor said as he ended the segment. 
Kelly is an associate professor at Pusan National University in South Korea. 
Skype interviews are an increasingly popular option for television stations and networks, since they allow shows to bring in remote guests at no cost. 
The spotty broadcast quality of Skype interviews once made producers wary of exploring this option, but the technology has improved markedly recently to allow for these kind of interviews to be conducted more often.