Scarborough: Trump learning that ‘Washington always wins’

Scarborough: Trump learning that ‘Washington always wins’
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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said Monday that President TrumpDonald John TrumpUS-Saudi Arabia policy needs a dose of 'realpolitik' Trump talks to Swedish leader about rapper A$AP Rocky, offers to vouch for his bail Matt Gaetz ahead of Mueller hearing: 'We are going to reelect the president' MORE is learning amid falling poll numbers that “Washington always wins” against those who don't play by the rules. 

“What Trump is learning here is, what we’ve said before, Washington always wins,” argued Scarborough on "Morning Joe." 

“You don't play by Washington's rules. The courts are going to grab you. The intel community is grabbing the other leg. The House is going to grab you by the arm. The Senate will grab you by the other arm. And he doesn't seem to realize the more he flails, the more he lies, the more he struggles, the deeper he gets in political quicksand.”


Scarborough was responding to The Washington Post's David Ignatius's commentary during a roundtable discussion regarding Trump's poll numbers both at home and “around the world.” 

“He is now president. He is dealing with problems that he has never encountered. And you know what? The cost of this kind of, you know, brash business tactics is declining,” observed Ignatius. 

“Poll numbers not just at home, but around the world. There was an amazing German poll that showed in four months since the November election, trust in the United States as an ally has fallen from 55 percent down to 22 percent,” he continued. “That’s an extraordinary change, and that tells you there is a cost for this kind of behavior on the part of Donald Trump.”

A Gallup poll released Sunday showed Trump's approval rating among Americans at just 37 percent, an 8-point drop from a week prior. 

NBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin said that Trump voters he’s spoken to want the president to focus on what he promised to do in office while on the campaign trail. 

“I heard that when I was out with him last week from his supporters who said, we want him to focus on the things he said he would do,” Halperin said. “Not these sideshows."