Trump ally faces off with CNN's Cuomo over White House credibility

Anthony Scaramucci, a former official with Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpGrassroots America shows the people support Donald Trump Trump speaks to rebel Libyan general attacking Tripoli Dem lawmaker: Mueller report shows 'substantial body of evidence' on obstruction MORE's presidential campaign, on Wednesday defended Trump’s wiretap claims in a heated exchange with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.

Scaramucci dismissed Cuomo's claim that Trump regularly creates “bogus scenarios," firing back by saying “it sounds like you didn’t vote for him.”  

“You don’t know who I voted for, Scaramucci, don’t make it personal,” Cuomo responded. 

Scaramucci pushed back after Cuomo said Trump makes “intentionally false” statements.


“Something could have happened at Trump Tower. We still don't have all the information,” Scaramucci said, referring to Trump’s evidence-free accusation that the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the campaign.

“You guys want to pretend there isn't, and that's okay, but there was a FISA warrant — that got accepted. It was in October possibly, I don’t know the exact dates,” Scaramucci said, adding that the president doesn’t have “perfect information.”

The back-and-forth between the two men centered on whether Trump’s claims could prove to be true or not. 

“I think the president is very credible. I put a lot of trust in him. I think the Twitter stuff is probably not for you or for me,” Scaramucci added.