Trump met with Matt Drudge in Oval Office: report

Trump met with Matt Drudge in Oval Office: report
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President Trump met with conservative media personality Matt Drudge in the Oval Office, Politico reported Thursday.

Trump has kept in close contact with a number of conservative media figures, the report said.

And in addition to meeting with Trump at the White House, Drudge reportedly speaks regularly with Jared Kushner, the president's top aide and son-in-law.

Earlier this month, the Drudge Report proprietor said he thinks Republicans in Congress are intentionally undermining the president with legislative and policy hurdles and obstructions.


"I suspect there's a sabotage," he said earlier this month. "Do you know Obama had the stimulus package on his desk before Inauguration Day? What did this Congress give this great man? Nothing."

Drudge at the time said Trump's administration is in "crisis on many fronts," describing Congress as intent on undermining his presidency and the media as ungratefully coalescing in a campaign against the president.