Fox News pushes to dismiss lawsuit by ex-host Andrea Tantaros

Fox News pushes to dismiss lawsuit by ex-host Andrea Tantaros
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Fox News is hitting back at a lawsuit filed by former host Andrea Tantaros, accusing her lawyer of filing false claims "that read like the plot of a television drama" and asking the court to sanction the lawyer.

Tantaros claims the network subjected her to a campaign of harassment, including computer hacks and a stream of offensive and critical social media posts that she says hurt her career.

But in a motion Wednesday to dismiss the lawsuit, Fox News’s lawyers called those allegations an "outright hoax" and accused Judd Burstein, Tantaros’s attorney, of making the claims for publicity.

“This sensational allegation, broadcast in bold-faced type, was made solely to generate negative headlines for, and inflict maximum damage on, Fox News," reads the memo.


"Had Burstein conducted even a minimal factual investigation before filing the Complaint, he would have immediately known that Tantaros’ allegations were an outright hoax,” it added.

The former co-host of “Outnumbered” filed suit against Fox in August 2016.

Tantaros alleges that senior executives at the network had retaliated after she took exception to inappropriate remarks directed at her by former Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, who died earlier this month.

Her charges include being harassed online by so-called "sock puppets" in an effort she believes was made to intimidate her.

“The real story here is that, in their effort to bully Ms. Tantaros by filing a frivolous sanctions motion, counsel for Fox News has demonstrated its guilt,” Burstein said in a statement on Tuesday.

A lawyer for Fox News fired back on Wednesday.

“Mr. Burstein, who has already been chastised by the state court in this dispute, simply seeks to divert attention from his baseless federal complaint by misstating the facts," said Andrew Levander, an attorney representing Fox.

"Our motion for sanctions, supported by indisputable sworn statements and documentary evidence as well as overwhelming judicial authority, speaks for itself," he added.

Tantaros, a 38-year-old conservative commentator, is reportedly seeking as much as $23 million and an additional $26 million in punitive damages.


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