Scarborough on Trump-Macron handshake: 'He tore his arm off'

Scarborough on Trump-Macron handshake: 'He tore his arm off'
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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Friday jabbed President Trump for the way he shook French President Emmanuel Macron's hand at a NATO summit in Brussels the day before, saying it looked like "he tore his arm off." 

"He ripped off — the poor president of France. I mean, he's a young guy, Macron. He tore his arm off," Scarborough said in the opening of "Morning Joe." 

"Pulls you in, right?" added co-host Willie Geist. "That's his move." 

Trump has drawn attention the past for his aggressive handshake, which draws the partner in close for a tight grip.


Scarborough said Trump used “a really different tone” in Saudi Arabia and Israel “compared to how he actually talks to our allies in Europe.”

He also pointed to Trump's jostling move to get in front of NATO leaders during a group gathering as a "manhandling" of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic. 

“Look at this, manhandling the leader of Montenegro and reportedly calling the Germans very, very bad," the former GOP congressman said. 

"There’s the whole new meaning to America first," added guest Donny Deutsch.  

"That is the — that is what some in Europe would call the ugly American, that sort of action," Scarborough added. 

"Morning Joe" has been highly critical of Trump since he took office, referring to him as a "fake president" in the process. 

Trump was once friendly with the program and did many interviews by phone as a candidate but has not appeared on the show or the network in any capacity since May 2016.