Hannity, Scarborough renew hostile Twitter war

Hannity, Scarborough renew hostile Twitter war
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Sean Hannity and Joe Scarborough renewed an ongoing twitter spat Wednesday morning, with the Fox News prime-time host sparking a response from the "Morning Joe" co-host after promising to air a video montage on Scarborough's "daily emotional meltdown." 

"Poor liberal Joe and Mika [Brzezinski] continue their daily emotional meltdown," wrote Hannity to his 2.43 million followers. "Hilarious video montage tonight at 10 on Hannity FNC."

Scarborough, a former Florida GOP congressman in the '90s, responded to Hannity 17 minutes later.

"Comrade, your continued obsession with those who refuse to be apparatchiks for Russia suggests resentment and envy. You are obsessed," he responded.

Scarborough has 1.31 million followers on Twitter.


Hannity has repeatedly attacked Scarborough and "Morning Joe" co-host and fiancee Brzezinski in recent weeks for their attacks on President Trump, citing ratings for the MSNBC program while calling Scarborough an "arrogant, pompous jerk."

"Joe Scarborough has one of the lowest-rated shows ever in cable. He always has. He has always had delusions of grandeur. He has begged for jobs here and that he be the president. He’s really just an arrogant, pompous jack — but the way him and his fiancee, Mika, are treating this — it’s a constant refrain over there," Hannity had said earlier on his Fox program.

"They have taken it to a new low. They have no evidence, no facts, no message. They have no class, they have lost all of that integrity to those people who know what the facts are," he continued.

"It’s absolutely a disgrace and they are deceiving the few viewers they have left. If they continue this nonclassy attack on the president and his administration and everything he does, despite the list of great accomplishments so far — that integrity will cause even more and more people to simply turn the channel as you have indicated they should do if they don’t like it."

Hannity, a staunch supporter of Trump, made the comments after Scarborough said on "Morning Joe" that the president resembled "a kid pooping in his pants."

Trump has not appeared on "Morning Joe" or MSNBC since May 2016.

The Hill has reached out to Fox News and MSNBC for comment.