Shepard Smith responds to Hannity: ‘Sometimes facts are displeasing’

Shepard Smith is firing back at fellow Fox News host Sean Hannity after Hannity called him “so anti-Trump” in a radio interview with Sebastian Gorka on Monday. 

Hannity emphasized the diversity of opinion on the network, citing Smith’s views on Trump, which he says contrast with his own, and said the mainstream news media is too one-sided in their negative portrayal of the president.

“Shep is a friend, I like him,” Hannity said, “but he’s so anti-Trump. I mean, he went off on a rant last week. That’s fine.” 


In response, Smith told Mediaite on Tuesday, “Sometimes facts are displeasing. Journalists report them without fear or favor.” 

Smith’s “rant” was during a conversation with “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace, when he called the deception of Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump administration “mind-boggling” after the latest changes in their story regarding a 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Hannity is an emphatic defender of the president and has been since last year’s campaign.

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