Poll: 57 percent say media coverage of Trump 'too negative'

Poll: 57 percent say media coverage of Trump 'too negative'
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A majority of Americans feel mainstream media coverage of President Trump is "too negative" according to a poll released Wednesday. 

A Zogby Analytics poll showed that 57 percent of likely voters found the coverage of the president to be too negative, while 44 percent disagreed.


The poll is predictably split along party lines, with 87 percent of Republican voters saying the coverage is too negative and just 32 percent of Democrats agreeing.

Among independent voters, 54 percent believe coverage of Trump is too negative.

Fifty-five percent of women and 51 percent of African-Americans, two groups that don't normally give high marks to Trump, also told pollsters that coverage is too negative.

Trump has often referred to the media as dishonest, "fake news" and the opposition party as Republicans continue to show less trust in the Fourth Estate.

The Zogby poll comes on the heels of an NPR-PBS Newshour-Marist poll this month that found that 91 percent of Republicans and 93 percent of Trump supporters don't trust the media.

The Zogby nationwide survey of 856 likely voters had a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.