Trump budget chief denies ‘chaos’ in the White House

Greg Nash

White House Office of Management and Budget Director Mike Mulvaney on Friday accused the media of selling “palace intrigue” stories on the administration while ignoring good news for the economy that President Trump is achieving.

Host Stuart Varney asked Mulvaney on Fox Business if “chaos at the White House” on the heels of communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s profanity-filled comments about fellow top Trump aides Reince Priebus and Stephen Bannon was getting in the way of the “work of cutting taxes.”

Mulvaney replied with a list of various positive economic indicators and policy announcements that he argued showed matters were not chaotic.

{mosads}“I will push back a little bit on that whole chaos thing,” Mulvaney said. “Keep in mind we just revealed yesterday this idea of a unified position on basic principles on taxes. That is not chaotic. We just rolled out of the Office of Management and Budget late last week over 860 regulatory actions that we have delayed or stopped in the first six months of this administration. That is not chaos.”

Mulvaney’s comments came the day that Republican plans for repealing ObamaCare suffered a devastating defeat in the GOP-controlled Senate and one day after The New Yorker published an interview with Scaramucci in which he called Priebus a “paranoid schizophrenic” who will be “asked to resign” soon.

“Yes, the media does pick up on that, and that is fine. That is what they do for a living,” Mulvaney said. “But we work here and we are making progress here,” he added, pointing to 2.6 percent growth in the second-quarter gross domestic product and an 8 percent rise in capital growth.

”You saw it in today’s GDP numbers. You’ve seen it in the capital investment numbers. This is tremendous sort of testament to what’s actually going on with the nuts and bolts of running this country and getting the economy moving in the right direction.”

“So, sure, the chaos will play out in the media, it always does. Palace intrigue sells better than raw numbers, but the raw numbers are looking better and better, and that is because the administration is doing its work,” he concluded.

A recent Harvard survey on mainstream media outlets showed 80 percent of media coverage of the Trump administration to be negative.

On the economy, Trump received negative coverage 54 percent of the time, compared to 46 percent positive coverage.


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