New York Times fact-checks Trump's claim that it's 'failing'

New York Times fact-checks Trump's claim that it's 'failing'
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The New York Times fired back at President Trump on Monday over his claim that the news organization is “failing,” saying its business is “thriving.”

Trump blasted The Times in a tweet on Monday afternoon, claiming the company has “big losses and massive unfunded liability.”

“How much longer will the failing nytimes, with its big losses and massive unfunded liability (and non-existent sources), remain in business?” Trump asked on Twitter. 


The Times’ public relations team quickly fired back, citing the number of paid subscribers and rising stock prices.

“That is incorrect. NYT’s business is thriving. Most ever paid subs: 3.3 million; and growing profit, income and revenues,” The Times tweeted.

The newspaper also defended the story Trump appeared to be attacking, its report that top aides to Vice President Pence have discussed forming a presidential campaign in 2020.

Trump spent much of his Monday lashing out at the press and Democrats on Twitter. He slammed multiple news outlets, calling them “fake news,” and attacked Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) as a “con artist” for his previous comments on his military service.

He later said Blumenthal “should take a nice long vacation in Vietnam” after accusing him of lying about his military service.