Fox’s Kurtz sees ‘media misconception’ around Trump, Bannon

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Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz said he doesn’t believe that Stephen Bannon will work against President Trump outside the White House, calling such suggestions “media misconception.”

He believes any attacks via Bannon, who was dismissed Friday as White House chief strategist and has returned to the conservative media site Breitbart, will be directed at the GOP and media establishment instead. 

Fox Business host Ashley Webster asked Kurtz on Monday if rumors around Bannon targeting Trump should be taken seriously. 

{mosads}“I think that is media misconception,” said the “Media Buzz” host. “I know Steve Bannon. I know what motivates him.

“He may make life difficult for the Trump White House now that he is at Breitbart, because he is going to continue the war he had when he was on the White House payroll against some of the people who he thinks are taking this presidency in the wrong direction,” Kurtz continued. “It’s no secret they include Jared Kushner, they include Gary Cohn and others.”

Bannon reportedly battled with Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, and Ivanka Trump, Kushner’s wife and the president’s daughter. Reports say he nicknamed the pair “Javanka.”

Bannon also battled Cohn, a registered Democrat and former Goldman Sachs chief operating officer and current chief economic adviser to the president.

Kurtz also made the point that Bannon had said he always planned on leaving within the first year of the Trump presidency. 

“I think we will see Breitbart under Bannon taking shots at those both inside the White House, the GOP leadership on Capitol Hill, the media establishment, but not going after Trump personally,” he said.

“They have a good relationship even though Bannon was kind of forced out. He never thought he would last more than a year in the White House, actually.”

Bannon officially resigned on Friday and almost immediately announced a return to Breitbart to again serve as its executive chairman. 


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