Breitbart: Trump speech a ‘disappointment’ to many supporters

Greg Nash

A Breitbart News article calls President Trump’s speech on his strategy in Afghanistan a “disappointment” to many of his supporters.

“The speech was a disappointment to many who had supported his calls during the campaign to end expensive foreign intervention and nation-building,” the piece, published late Monday, said.

“He acknowledged the frustration that Americans felt after 16 years of war without an end in sight.”

{mosads}In his speech Monday, Trump announced he will not pull out U.S. troops from Afghanistan, saying he’s committed to a new strategy aimed at winning the nation’s longest war.

Trump said a rapid exit from the war-torn nation would result in a major power vacuum which would create a safe haven for terrorists.

He said his “original instinct was to pull out,” a reference to his long-held view that the U.S. erred when it entered Afghanistan and that the military should withdraw quickly. 
Some lawmakers said the president wasn’t living up to his campaign promises with his announcement.
The Breitbart article follows Stephen Bannon’s return to the helm of the conservative website after his departure as White House chief strategist last week.
Bannon had promised that he would “go to war” for Trump after leaving the White House.
“If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents — on Capitol Hill, in the media and in corporate America,” Bannon said in an interview with Bloomberg.
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