Scarborough: 'Democrats need to stop with the Balkanization of America'

Scarborough: 'Democrats need to stop with the Balkanization of America'
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MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hit Democrats on Thursday for not having a unifying message, arguing the party needs "to stop with the Balkanization of America."

"It’s always hard to compete with the megaphone of a president. When your party is lacking leaders, big ideas, and a strategy, it’s impossible," said Scarborough on "Morning Joe." "And the president for all of his polling problems, for all of his legislative problems, he’s such a dominant figure in the news."

"I don’t think the Democrats, if you look at what they’ve gotten done since Election Day, they’re raising money for House races," the Republican-turned-independent former GOP congressman continued. "They’re recruiting somewhat successfully there. I don’t think you can point to too many things beyond that that suggest that they’ve progressed as a brand from what happened on Election Day."


"Booing and hissing at Trump is not a plan," injected NBC/MSNBC Senior Political Analyst Mark Halperin.

"I know, and this just shows you the trouble Democrats are in," Scarborough added.

"They need a message for all Americans. They need to stop with the Balkanization of America, and suddenly somebody will tweet at me or e-mail to me, you’re just being a racist. I go wait a minute. I’m being a racist because I’m saying you need a unifying message?"

The commentary comes as a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll asked 1000 registered voters if the Democratic Party stands for something or just stands against Trump.

By a 52-to-37 percent margin, those polled said the party only stands again Trump.

Scarborough declared he was leaving the Republican Party in July, citing his myriad of issues with Trump while saying Republicans "betrayed their core values."