'Morning Joe' lampoons Trump for Harvey help effort

'Morning Joe' lampoons Trump for Harvey help effort
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The hosts of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" mocked President Trump on Tuesday over a video of him helping load disaster relief supplies in Houston for Hurricane Harvey victims.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski said "You actually have to care about people to make it work," while co-host Joe Scarborough repeatedly made "duh" sounds while video played of the president handing a box to a truck driver. 

"You see the president is getting involved in relief efforts and it’s heartening to me," Scarborough said. "You can tell that he’s done this. I don’t know if he did it with Americare, I don’t know if he’s a Red Cross guy, but here he is helping out. 

“What about the family when they came down?" asked Brzezinski of the Trump family. "That was so nice, the boys and Ivanka and Jared.”  

“That’s obviously a photo-op for the President, who did a nice job going down there twice," Scarborough continued. "Let’s give him credit for going down there. But he was asked to put — I think we have a video somewhere — put the bucket in the back of a pickup. ‘Mr. President, put this in the pickup.’”

"Morning Joe" played a clip of the president handing a box to a driver sitting inside a pickup truck. Trump eventually puts the box in the back of the pickup. 

"You actually have to care about people to make it work," said Brzezinski. 

“You have to just take it [the box] because if the President is putting it in the wrong place, you know, ‘Here’s your bag of cement,’ and you’re like, ‘Well, you have a whole, like, back there —'" 


“The flatbed part, you mean. That’s where you’re supposed to put it," injected panelist John Heilemann as Scarborough made "duh" sounds in the background. 

“That’s why they call it a truck," panelist Richard Haas added. 

“There you go. ‘Okay, I’ll put that on the gear shift.' I’ll bet they’re not breaking this down on ‘Fox and Friends,'" Scarborough concluded, taking a shot at Trump's preferred cable morning show. 

Trump and the "Morning Joe" hosts have attacked each other personally on numerous occasions since Trump stopped appearing on the MSNBC morning show in May 2016.  

Scarborough said the president looked like "a kid who pooped in his pants" earlier this summer, while Brzezinski has repeatedly questioned the president's mental health. 

Trump has called Scarborough as "Psycho Joe" and Brzezinski as "low I.Q. Mika," while claiming that she was "bleeding badly" from a facelift on a visit to Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.