Brzezinski: Trump's Hillary golf shot tweet 'abominable, rude behavior'

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski early Monday slammed President Trump for retweeting a doctored video that appeared to show him striking a golf ball that hit former presidential opponent Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham Clinton2020 Democrats target federal ban on abortion funding Hillary Clinton slams Trump for spreading 'sexist trash' about Pelosi Gillibrand seizes on abortion debate to jump-start campaign MORE in the back of the head, causing her to fall.

"So, that's the president of the United States who tweeted out this," said "Morning Joe" co-host Joe Scarborough.

"Oh, come on," Brzezinski said.

"I don't love that. I don't love it," remarked panelist Mark Halperin.


"I’m serious. Gen. [John] Kelly took a nap," Brzezinski said in reiterating what she said about Trump's chief of staff not being able to control the president's tweets.

"In a midst of a crisis with North Korea. Yes, I don’t know. I don't get that tweet," injected Halperin.

"Mika, here you have, again — this is a guy who, again, should put the campaign behind him. He just can't do it," observed Scarborough. "I know it's considered to be a joke. It's a bad joke, when you have the president of the United States in that position talking about knocking over a woman, his former opponent."

Brzezinski agreed with her co-host, calling Trump's retweet on Sunday "abominable." The footage shows Clinton falling in 2011, when she slipped while attempting to board a plane as secretary of State.

"No, it's bad on so many levels, I couldn't think on one way in which anybody would be overreaching or getting over their skis by saying that this is just abominable, rude behavior, that is beyond unpresidential," Brzezinski added.

Scarborough and Brzezinski have been especially critical of Trump since taking office after having a friendly relationship for much of the first year of his campaign.

Trump hasn't appeared on "Morning Joe" or any MSNBC program since May of 2016.