Fox analyst: 'Founding Fathers didn’t want every juiced-up psycho' owning machine guns

Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters said "the Founding Fathers didn't want every juiced-up psycho to have a machine gun collection" and argued that "an armed crowd" would have only made the situation worse after a mass shooting at a Las Vegas concert left at least 58 dead and more than 500 wounded.

"The idea that an armed crowd would’ve made a difference — if it made any difference, it would’ve been worse," Peters told Stuart Varney on Fox Business. "And I am a gun owner. I will always be a gun owner."

"But the Founding Fathers didn’t want every juiced-up psycho to have a machine gun collection," he continued. "We need to look at what kind of weapons they had — clearly, this guy had military-grade weapons — and where he got them. Because automatic rifles are illegal for the average citizen to own.

"So, we need to look at that. But when I listen to those tapes, what really chilled me was the volume of fire he was putting out. And it sounded, I mean to me, even if you have an extended clip that's usually 30 rounds max, I was listening to bursts that were more than 30 rounds."

Peters added that he believed more than 1,000 rounds may have been fired down from a room on the 32nd floor into the crowd of more than 22,000 on hand for a three-day country music festival near the Mandalay Bay hotel.

"He had multiple weapons," Peters said before asking, "I mean, this should not have happened, but as you just noted, Stuart, how could we have prevented it?"

President Trump condemned the mass shooting on Monday, calling it "an act of pure evil” in a Monday morning address to the nation. 
“We join together in sadness, shock and grief,” Trump said at the White House. “It was an act of pure evil.”

Trump said he would travel to Las Vegas on Wednesday

The suspected gunman has been identified as Nevada resident Stephen Paddock, according to Las Vegas police. The 64-year-old took his own life, according to police, as police closed in on his hotel room.