New media venture featuring crew of ex-Obama aides expanding

New media venture featuring crew of ex-Obama aides expanding
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A new media company aimed at millennials and featuring multiple former members of the Obama administration — including Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Ben Rhodes, along with former New Republic senior editor Brian Beutler — is expanding. has been in existence since January, but Wednesday's announcement indicates the site will grow to add written commentary and video as well.

The site features a popular podcast called "Pod Save America," hosted by Favreau, Vietor, Lovett and Pfeiffer. 


Popular liberal writers including Ana Marie Cox, recently a MTV News correspondent; Black Lives Matter organizer DeRay Mckesson; former MTV News and Daily Beast writer Ira Madison; immigrant rights advocate Julissa Arce and comedian Akilah Hughes will be featured on the site via podcasts, videos and columns.

Rhodes, who will also write and host podcasts and videos, served as as deputy national security adviser for strategic communications under President Obama and also served as his foreign policy speechwriter. 

Pfeiffer is a former campaign aide who also served as a senior White House adviser. Favreau was Obama’s head speech writer.

Beutler was a senior editor at the New Republic since March 2014. He previously covered Capitol Hill for Talking Points Memo in addition to being a daily columnist for Salon. He is currently host of Primary Concerns, a political podcast.

"Unlike most other liberal media outlets, the idea here isn’t to embody a specific political ideal or partisan goal, but to represent the whole swath of liberalism, defined broadly in contrast to the tide of illiberalism sweeping free societies everywhere," reads the press release.

"We bet there were people like us who were frustrated and looking for something more," the announcement concludes. "That people have responded has meant the world to us. And we couldn’t get through this roiling clusterf--- of a presidency without all of you."