Maher rips Republicans over 'thoughts and prayers' after Las Vegas shooting

Liberal talk show host Bill Maher ripped Republicans on Friday for extending "thoughts and prayers" to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, calling the phrase Republican code for "tough shit."

In the opening to Friday's episode, Maher complained that he is "sick" of President Trump and other Republicans' reactions to the various disasters that have struck the nation in recent months, including several major hurricanes and the Las Vegas attack.


"First of all, I'm so sick of all their reactions," Maher said Friday. "I'm so sick of 'thoughts and prayers,'" he added to applause.

"Thoughts are the opposite of prayers," Maher continued. "A thought is, 'what should I do?' A prayer is wishing on a star."

Maher charged that Republicans offer "thoughts and prayers" in order to avoid taking legislative action on gun control.

"Thoughts and prayers are the Republican way of saying, 'tough shit,'" Maher said. "I hear this a lot this week: 'What are we telling the children?' How about, 'We're moving to Canada?'"

Maher also made fun of top Trump ally Roger Stone's suggestion that Trump's base would go "insane" if the president attempted to pass gun control in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting, which killed 58 people and injured hundreds.

"Roger Stone, you know, Trump's albino assassin," Maher continued. "He said if Trump even thinks about doing something about gun control, the quote, 'base will go insane.'"

"How will we know?" Maher joked.

In Trump's weekly address, the president said that the victims of the Las Vegas attack would "never be forgotten."

"Among the fallen were young students full of limitless potential, law enforcement personnel, a nurse, teachers dedicated to our children’s future and many others," Trump said in his address.

"They were mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. They were husbands and wives, and sons and daughters. They will be dearly missed, and they will never be forgotten," he said.