Hannity hits back at Sasse: ‘Call me when you repeal ObamaCare loser’

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Fox News host Sean Hannity fanned the flames of his feud with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) late Thursday, saying he has “done nothing” in Washington and to “call me when you repeal ObamaCare loser.”

Hannity and Sasse have gone back and forth over President Trump’s criticism of news outlets and his recent tweets suggesting television news outlets’ licenses be evaluated and possibly revoked.

The latest jab by Hannity was in response to Sasse suggesting he supports the Constitution and Hannity does not. Sasse’s comment was made after Hannity said he regretted supporting Sasse as a candidate because of his Trump criticism.

“I’d never support censoring anybody!! I’ve stood up for freedom of speech/Constitution my entire life. You have accomplished NOTHING IN DC,” Hannity tweeted. “The @POTUS keeps his promises. You criticize the Potus daily. How about standing up to McConnell? Call me when u repeal Obamacare #Loser.”

Hannity continued the tweets, defending Trump’s criticism of “fake news” and hitting Sasse for not doing more in Congress. 

Hannity is a consistent Trump supporter who reportedly speaks regularly with the president on the phone after his show and interviewed the president on Wednesday night.{mosads}

Sasse originally challenged Trump on his commitment to the First Amendment and its protection of a free press.

“Are you recanting of the Oath you took on Jan. 20 to preserve, protect, and defend the 1st Amendment?” he tweeted Wednesday night.

Hannity criticized Sasse after Sasse suggested Trump was in conflict with the First Amendment when he said this week that it is “disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write.”

“No president should play with censoring news they dislike,” Sasse tweeted.

Trump this week said the government could challenge licensing for television news outlets that report what he calls “Fake News.” Critics quickly raised concerns that Trump wanted to use the Federal Communications Commission to restrict the press, something the president denied.

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