'Scream at the sky' protester tells Fox's Jesse Watters to 'go f--- yourself'

A protester participating in a "Scream at the sky" event marking the one-year anniversary of the presidential election of Donald Trump told Fox News host Jesse Watters to "go f***" himself during a man-on-the-street interview taped Wednesday night and shown Thursday.

"Do you feel better?" Watters asked of one unidentified man after he had finished screaming into the sky.

"Somewhat," replied the man, who was wearing a blue Kansas City Royals baseball hat and looked to be middle age.

"Do you want a pacifier?" Watters followed.

"Go f--- yourself," the man, laughing, replied.

The taped piece for "The Five" ended there and the program returned to a live discussion back in studio.

"Did they know you are from Fox?" asked Dana Perino, a "Five" co-host and former press secretary to President George W. Bush.

"No. I introduced myself," Watters explained. "Some of them ran in the opposite direction. There were about 30. There were more media [there] than screamers."

Watters used to do weekly man-on-the-street interviews for the Bill O'Reilly-hosted program for years.

The 39-year-old former producer was awarded in January his own weekly one-hour "Watters' World" program on Saturdays.

Watters was given former Fox News host Eric Bolling's co-hosting spot on "The Five" when Bolling was moved to host the short-lived "The Specialists" that was cancelled upon his ouster from the network amid sexual harassment allegations.