John Oliver jokes he will ‘sneak’ info to Trump through ‘Fox & Friends’ ads

John Oliver joked he plans to “sneak” information to President Trump through ads on “Fox & Friends.”

During a segment on “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver brought up a quote that called “Fox & Friends” the “most powerful TV show in America.” The quote — from a July article in The New York Times — said that the show was “suddenly, for no other reason than its No. 1 fan,” the “most powerful TV show in America.”

The hosts on “Fox & Friends” talked about the quote on their show after it was featured in the Times.

Oliver said during his segment that about 45 minutes after that was discussed on “Fox & Friends” earlier this year, Trump tweeted about it. 


“Information goes right from that show into his brain, which is terrible,” Oliver, a frequent Trump critic, said.

“Because we would genuinely be better off if Trump was getting daily briefings from an actual fox and his friends, a hedgehog and a weasel with his head stuck in a tin can.”

Oliver said if Trump plans to keep watching the show, he plans to sneak information to Trump “through our Catheter cowboy.”

“A number of commercials are going to be airing on Fox News over the next few months,” he said.

He went through a sample ad featuring “Catheter Cowboy.”

In one ad, the man — known as Catheter Cowboy — explained that the term “clean coal” doesn’t refer to the “physical act of cleaning coal.”

“Also, Frederick Douglass is dead,” the man says at the end of the ad, in reference to Trump’s comments on Douglass last February.

Oliver said the ad will be on Fox in the Washington area later this week and urged views to “keep an eye out” for more ads like this.

“Because that cowboy has got a bunch up his sleeve,” Oliver said.

At the end of the segment, the Catheter Cowboy says, speaking directly to Trump: “Remember, if you’re not enjoying this, there’s no shame in quitting.”

Trump is known to frequently watch Fox News, often retweeting posts shared by “Fox & Friends.”

He has also appeared in multiple interviews on Fox News, while largely avoiding interviews on other networks.

Oliver first turned to the Catheter Cowboy in February in an attempt to explain the nuclear triad to Trump.

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