Geraldo on Time feud: Why is Trump still picking 'meaningless' fights?

Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera said Saturday that he doesn't understand why President Trump keeps picking "meaningless" fights with media companies and other public figures after Trump sparked a feud with Time magazine on Friday.

Rivera told "Fox & Friends" that Trump is creating another "big distraction" with his claim that Time told him he would "probably" be named "Person of the Year."

"To me, this is another big distraction, what the hell?" Rivera said. "I don’t know why the President is always punching down, why he’s picking fights that are meaningless.”


Rivera swiped at the magazine, which he called a "shadow of its former self," and said that Trump had "bigger fish to fry."

"All I know is, we have bigger fish to fry here," Rivera said. "The president had a fake Time magazine 'Person of the Year' cover for many years, I know. Maybe in our generation it still counts for something."

"But I wish the president, really..." he added, "We have other things to do."

Time rebuked the president Friday night, saying in a statement that Trump was "incorrect" about the magazine's selection process.

"The President is incorrect about how we choose Person of the Year. TIME does not comment on our choice until publication, which is December 6," read a tweet from the magazine.

Rivera's comments come hours after his Fox News colleague Sean Hannity said Time's denial of Trump's claim was "bullshit."

"I call total Bullshit on Time," Hannity tweeted Friday night. "Answer the question; did you or did you not call the WH and say @realDonaldTrump @POTUS was being considered for person of the year and ask for an interview?"