Obama: If I watched Fox News ‘I wouldn’t vote for me’

Obama: If I watched Fox News ‘I wouldn’t vote for me’

Former President Obama joked Friday that if he watched Fox News, he wouldn’t have voted for himself.

Speaking at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in New Delhi, Obama took shots at the network, which is widely criticized for its negative coverage of Democrats.

In discussing social media and traditional media outlets, Obama said that networks like Fox News have created “information silos,” where different groups of people are getting different information based on what they consume.

“Those who watch Fox News and those who read The New York Times occupy completely different realities,” he said.

He pointed specifically to Fox News, saying that the network portrays him “in weird ways.”


“If I watch Fox News, I wouldn’t vote for me,” he said. “I would watch it and say who is that guy? This character Barack was portrayed in weird ways. It is all edited and shaped. ... The point is, you get multiple realities.”

President Trump has repeatedly praised Fox News’s coverage throughout his campaign and presidency, while slamming other networks like CNN as “fake news.”

Trump tweeted last week that “Fox News is much more important than CNN,” and that the international wing of CNN represents the U.S. “very poorly” to the rest of the world.