Texas State newspaper fires student author of anti-white column

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A columnist at Texas State University’s student newspaper was fired Thursday after authoring an anti-white opinion piece, titled “Your DNA is an abomination,” that resulted in major blowback on campus, including demands for editors to step down.

“Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all … accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor,” Rudy Martinez wrote in the column published Tuesday in “The University Star.”


“Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die,” the philosophy major added.

After the university’s student body president threatened to defund the paper amid media attention, including nationally from Fox News, the newspaper’s editorial board released a statement on Thursday conceding the column should have never been published.

“As editors, we allowed a hateful column to be published and hurt our community that deserves better,” the newspaper’s editorial board said on the newspaper website on Thursday.

“We screwed up,” it added.

The piece has since been deleted and Martinez fired from the paper.

“We fully acknowledge the repercussions of our actions in allowing for such an incendiary and divisive column to make it into print,” the editorial board also wrote. “We were unequivocally wrong in printing it. It was neither constructive nor appropriate.”

Martinez, 20, still stands by what he wrote.

“The article speaks for itself,” the author told on Thursday after being fired. “Though my language, especially when I claim to have only ever met ‘12 decent white people,’ could be deemed as hyperbolic (just barely), it has accomplished its goal: starting a conversation and outing racists.”


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