'Morning Joe' host apologizes for remarks about sexual harassment victims

'Morning Joe' host apologizes for remarks about sexual harassment victims
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"Morning Joe" co-host Mika BrzezinskiMika Emilie BrzezinskiThe Memo: Trump's Scarborough tweets unsettle his allies Fox's Perino presses Trump official on Scarborough tweets: 'How does this help the president win?' Cheney says Trump should stop tweeting Scarborough conspiracy MORE apologized on Friday after coming under fire for saying that she had tried to set up meetings between veteran journalist Mark Halperin and women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

"In our discussion about sexual harassment this morning, I said some things that hurt people," the MSNBC host said in a statement, posted online by CNN's Oliver Darcy.

"In the case of Mark, my goal today was to start a conversation about hearing from the men whenever we can, but I realize that is not my place."

"It isn't my call to make, and for that I am truly sorry," she added. "As a victim of sexual assault, I understand that each individual's case is different. This is up to the victims, some of whom I've been in contact with."

Brzezinski revealed Friday morning on "Morning Joe" that Halperin, who was fired from NBC News in October in the face of sexual misconduct allegations, wanted to apologize to his accusers face-to-face, and that she had tried to facilitate those meetings.


She said that the women were not interested in meeting with Halperin. 

"Mark Halperin is more than willing to meet with his accusers and apologize [to] them face-to-face," she said. "I've actually tried to offer him to them. They don't want to talk to him. They don't want to talk to him."

Ten women who have come forward with allegations against Halperin released a statement on Friday calling Brzezinski's remarks insensitive, and suggesting that her "personal friendship" with Halperin had influenced her handling of the matter.

"We would ask Ms. Brzezinski for higher standards of editorial judgement, compassion and human decency," read the statement posted by The Washington Post's Paul Farhi.