Ben Shapiro on Trump ‘s—hole’ remark: ‘Some countries are really crappy’


Conservative columnist Ben Shapiro said on Friday that “some countries are really crappy,” after President Trump reportedly demanded to know why the U.S. grants entry to immigrants from “shithole countries.”

But Shapiro also said that Trump should not have made the reported remarks, especially in front of lawmakers not allied with him.

“There are a lot of reasons people seem offended this morning. One is the idea that Trump said some countries are ‘bleep-holes,'” Shapiro said on “Fox & Friends.” “To be fair to the president, some countries are really crappy.”


Shapiro, the editor-in-chief of the conservative Daily Wire, referenced countries like North Korea and Haiti as examples, pointing to the latter’s relatively short life expectancy and low gross domestic product per capita. 

“It’s not particularly smart to say it in front of people who are not your political allies,” Shapiro said. “You shouldn’t say stuff like this to begin with.”

Shapiro’s comments came after reports surfaced that Trump called Haiti, El Salvador and several African nations “shithole countries,” and suggested that the U.S. admit more immigrants from countries like Norway.

The comments drew immediate backlash, with many critics accusing the president of racist behavior. 

Shapiro said Friday that Trump needed to learn to “watch his mouth,” arguing that, if he did, his low approval ratings would quickly rise.

“If the man could just stay off Twitter and watch his mouth, he would rise five points in the approval ratings almost immediately,” he said.

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