Breitbart labels Trump ‘Amnesty Don’ over DACA plans

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Breitbart News rolled out a new line of attack aimed at President Trump on Wednesday after Trump announced that he was open to a path to citizenship for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

In a headline Wednesday, the typically pro-Trump right-wing news outlet labeled the president “Amnesty Don” in an article that accused him of “breaking his immigration commitment.”

The headline was later amended Wednesday evening to read: “Trump Says He’s Open to U.S. Citizenship for DACA Illegal Aliens.”

In the article, Breitbart says that “granting a pathway to U.S. citizenship to DACA illegal aliens would break Trump’s long-held campaign promise that no amnesty for illegal aliens would be granted until illegal immigration to the U.S. was fully ended.”


It’s the second time the news site has used this specific attack against the president over the DACA issue, previously referring to Trump as “Amnesty Don” in September after Trump and Democratic leaders met in the fall to reach a deal to protect DACA recipients. No deal resulted from that meeting, and talks collapsed until recently.

The label, “Amnesty Don,” was previously created by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. The “Morning Joe” co-host gave Trump the nickname in 2016 after Trump appeared to shift his stance on immigration.

“For 14 months, Amnesty Don has been putting illegal immigration at the center of Amnesty Don’s campaign,” Scarborough said on “Morning Joe” in August of that year.

“And yet nobody in Amnesty Don’s own campaign can tell you what Amnesty Don’s position is.”

Breitbart News was until recently helmed by Stephen Bannon, Trump’s former White House chief strategist. Bannon stepped down from the news network earlier this month amid fallout from comments he made to a journalist in the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

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