Bob Woodward: Trump's 'tweeting habit interferes with policymaking'

Bob Woodward: Trump's 'tweeting habit interferes with policymaking'
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Veteran reporter Bob Woodward said Thursday that President TrumpDonald John TrumpSenate gears up for battle over witnesses in impeachment trial Vulnerable Democrats tout legislative wins, not impeachment Trump appears to set personal record for tweets in a day MORE's penchant for tweeting has a serious impact on his ability to make policy.

"Has he done and said things that even get his fans disturbed? Indeed he has. This tweeting habit interferes with the policymaking in a very serious way," Woodward said in an interview with 10News WTSP in St. Petersburg, Fla.

But Woodward, who was one of The Washington Post journalists credited with breaking open the Watergate scandal that prompted the resignation of former President Nixon, also said it is more important to look at Trump's actions in office, rather than focus on his words.


"What has he done is he would point out we've got a tax cut, we've had no new war or major escalation," Woodward said, adding that "peace" and "prosperity" are the issues that tend to matter most to voters.

The veteran journalist also addressed the special counsel investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, saying that while unanswered questions remain, it's too early to say whether the president will be implicated in any potential crime or misdeed down the line.

"There's a kind of hysteria and momentum — 'oh, this might smell a little like Watergate, or there are unanswered questions,' " he said. "And there are serious unanswered questions.

"But if you look at the raw evidence and the path to proof that's going to establish what all the Russian connections and investigations are, we just don't know."