DNC vice chairman to RNC spokeswoman: ‘You endorsed an alleged pedophile’

Fox News

Vice Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Michael Blake on Tuesday had a heated discussion with Republican National Committee (RNC) spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany after McEnany said the GOP is “the party of women.”

During the appearance on Fox News, Blake retorted that McEnany had “endorsed an alleged pedophile” in a reference to 2017 Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. 

The segment originally focused on Sunday night’s Grammy awards and Hillary Clinton’s cameo appearance that included reading an excerpt from Michael Wolff’s controversial book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

Clinton’s appearance at the Grammys, which occurred under the backdrop of the women’s rights sexual harassment movement via the hashtag #TimesUp, drew criticism from some conservatives as it was just days after following a New York Times report alleging Clinton’s role in not firing a male staffer accused of sexually harassing a female subordinate in 2008.

Harris Faulkner, host of “Outnumbered Overtime,” asked Blake about the Clinton Grammy appearance.

“[Clinton] had time to do the Grammys, inserted herself in ‘Time’s Up,’ the movement in Hollywood,” Faulkner said. “Time’s up for Hillary Clinton. Where is she? When will she speak about the sexual harassment, that she kept a man on her staff and her campaign, did not fire him?”

Blake tried to shift the discussion to “here and now.”

“Again, we recognize the issue, but the time should be up on us talking about this topic. We should actually be up on focusing on what happened here and now,” replied Blake. “This is something that happened 10 years ago. We are talking about here and now.”

“No, this is happening now,” Faulkner noted. “We were told last night that [Clinton] would speak eminently.”

“Let’s talk specifically about the opportunities present here,” Blake said trying again to shift the conversation. “[RNC finance chairman] Steve Wynn resigned, he was not was not fired.” 

“You are going around in circles. You had somebody on your staff up until yesterday who was advising Hillary Clinton to fire this man,” Faulkner retorted. “She stayed on your staff until yesterday. You say there’s no connection. Kayleigh, last word.”

McEnany focused on Clinton not addressing the harassment report.

“Hillary Clinton doubled down and said she took the right action, she’s had four days to speak, she hasn’t. Our Chairwoman [Ronna] McDaniel in 24 hours accepted the resignation of Wynn, and went further today and said, if the full and fair investigation finds guilt, she will be the first to give back the money. Make no mistake, this party is the party of women.”

Blake was able to get in the last word, however, pointing to the Republican’s backing of Moore in the Alabama Senate race.

“That is absolutely ridiculous. You endorsed an alleged pedophile, please stop. Thank you,” Blake replied as the segment ended.

The RNC had endorsed Moore in the Alabama special election as the party looked to hold onto its Senate seat in deep-red Alabama.

Moore was accused by several women of sexual misconduct 40 years ago while they were teenagers as young as 14. Moore lost to Democrat Doug Jones on Dec. 12.

Former Clinton 2008 campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle on Monday told CNN that she was “overruled” after recommending Clinton fire campaign spiritual adviser Burns Strider following accusations at the time of inappropriate touching and behavior of a young female staffer.

“I came to the conclusion that sexual harassment was involved, that the young woman was very credible, and my recommendation to the senator was to fire him. And I was overruled,” Solis Doyle said.  

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