Scarborough to Trump: 'Your own lawyers think you are too stupid' to talk to Mueller

Scarborough mocked Trump further by adding that anyone "with big, beautiful hands" would be brave enough to sit down with the Mueller.

The "Morning Joe" co-host was commenting on several news reports that said members of the president's legal team were advising Trump against doing an interview with the special counsel. 
The president has said he would talk to Mueller if asked, but added that decision would ultimately be up to his legal counsel.

“I’m looking forward to it, actually,” Trump told reporters last month.
After some back-and-forth with co-host Mika Brzezinski, Scarborough laid out his case for Trump to go ahead with the interview by seemingly challenging the president's pride.

"Mika, let me finish my sentence," Scarborough began. "This may be the most important sentence I’ve made in the past 30 seconds: Mr. President, your own lawyers think you are too stupid and too much of a liar to stand up to the heat that Bob Mueller is going to send in your direction."

"So if I had lawyers that thought I was too stupid to talk to Bob Mueller, I tell you what I would do, what any man would do, or any woman would do that had any confidence in themselves — they would do that interview," he continued. "And they would show those lawyers. They would show those lawyers they’re not scared, that they don’t have small hands, that they're not timid, they have, big, beautiful hands and they have a big, beautiful mind."

"And they’re not going to let their lawyers think that they’re too stupid and too much of a liar to talk to Bob Mueller."
The remarks about Trump's hands are a nod to the belief that Trump has long hated insults about the size of his hands. 
Scarborough and Brzezinski once had a relatively friendly relationship with Trump up until the time he clinched the Republican presidential nomination in April 2016.

Their criticism has been relentless and largely personal since. Trump has not appeared on the program or MSNBC since May 2016.
Trump has responded to the insults with criticism of his own, tweeting in June of last year that "low I.Q. Crazy Mika" had showed up at his Mar-a-Lago resort "bleeding badly from a face-lift."
Brzezinski and Scarborough are engaged.

Trump worked for NBC as the host of "The Apprentice" for 14 seasons.