Mark Levin: Clinton colluded with Russia, ‘paid for a warrant’ to surveil Carter Page

Fox News

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin late Monday accused Hillary Clinton of colluding with Russian officials, arguing she “paid for a warrant” to surveil a Trump campaign associate during the 2016 election.

“Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant. That’s the easiest way we can put it,” Levin told Fox’s Sean Hannity on his primetime program. “Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians. But it appears the FBI at the senior-most levels colluded with the Russians too. Whether it was witting or unwitting it doesn’t matter. That’s a fact.”

{mosads}”The American people have been subjected to a massive propaganda and misinformation campaign by the Clinton campaign, by the Obama administration.”

The perspective comes after the House Intelligence Committee in an unprecedented move last Friday released a previously classified memo that alleges abuse of government surveillance powers by the Justice Department in obtaining warrants to monitor Carter Page.

Levin, a former chief of staff to attorney general Edwin Meese during the Reagan administration, also argued late Monday in favor of another special counsel and a special commission, adding that Democrats and “the left-wing Praetorian Guard Democrat media” are trying to protect Clinton, former President Obama, former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former FBI Director James Comey among others.

“Who are they trying to protect? Hillary Clinton. Who else are they trying to protect? Barack Obama,” Levin said. “His name never comes up. So let me help everybody with this. Loretta Lynch knew about these [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] FISA warrants. [Sally] Yates, the deputy attorney general, the extensions Rod Rosenstein, now the deputy attorney general. He knew. FBI Director Comey, Deputy Director [Andrew] McCabe, [Peter] Strzok, the head of counterintelligence, [Lisa] Page, his girlfriend. Who else would known about these FISA applications and warrants?”

“Well, let me tell you a little secret: These are counterintelligence efforts. You have to assume the National Security Council and the White House knew. Why would the FBI, Justice Department, keep that from the national security director in the White House? Why would they keep it from the deputy director in the White House?”

Many Democrats lawmakers have largely dismissed the GOP memo, calling it a partisan attempt by House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) to distract from special counsel Robert Mueller probe into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Many Republicans say the FBI abused its power to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil Carter Page — no relation to the FBI lawyer Lisa Page Levin mentioned — for political purposes.

Levin will launch his own Sunday night Fox News program, “Life, Liberty and Levin,” later this month.

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