CNN's Dana Bash: Trump not mentioning abuse victims is 'outrageous'

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash slammed President TrumpDonald John TrumpRouhani says Iran will never seek nuclear weapons Trump downplays seriousness of injuries in Iran attack after US soldiers treated for concussions Trump says Bloomberg is 'wasting his money' on 2020 campaign MORE for defending former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, saying it was “outrageous” that he didn’t mention the victims of Porter’s alleged domestic violence in his comments.

Porter resigned from the White House Wednesday after news reports revealed that both of his ex-wives alleged that he had abused them, with one report including pictures of one of the women with a black eye. Porter has denied the allegations. 

Reacting to Trump’s remarks, Bash said that she doesn’t “know why [she's] surprised” because “the president tends to rally around the person being accused ... because he has felt that he has been falsely accused."

“Having said that, the fact that he did not mention one word, one syllable about these two women, plus apparently an ex-girlfriend ... who are talking in great detail about abuse, physical, verbal abuse, is outrageous,” Bash said. “I’m sorry, it just is.”


“It is tone deaf to the times, it is tone deaf to the situation that he has had, which is a person who has been in the closely proximity to this man alleged to have done some pretty horrible things,” she continued.

Bash said that both women have publicly spoken out about the alleged abuse and provided photo documentation of it, noting one ex-wife’s appearance with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday.

“To not even have a nod to that and instead just profusely, effusively praise the work that Porter did, it’s sad,” Bash said.

Bash’s comments came just minutes after Trump defended Porter in an appearance in the Oval Office.

"I found out about it very recently and I was surprised by it. But we certainly wish him well, obviously a tough time for him," Trump said. "He did a very good job when he was in the White House and we hope he has a wonderful, hopefully, he has a great career ahead of him."

"He says he's innocent, and I think you have to remember that. He said very strongly yesterday that he's innocent. So you'll have to talk to him about that. But we absolutely wish him well," the president added.