Ingraham: Liberals are 'kind of like herpes'

Ingraham: Liberals are 'kind of like herpes'
© Greg Nash
NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Conservative pundit Laura Ingraham jabbed Democrats during a speech at a conservative conference Friday, comparing liberals to “herpes.” 
“Liberals are kind of like herpes. Just when you think you have them beat, they come back again,” she told the crowd to laughter. 
“There’s no cure, you’ve just got to keep it at bay.” 
Ingraham also compared Trump to former President Reagan. She read excerpts of journalists describing a president who was being shielded from public appearances, who fumbled during his remarks and had warring factions of aides. 
“If you think those journalists were talking about Donald Trump, you are wrong. They were describing President Ronald Reagan,” Ingraham said to audible gasps from the crowd. 
“He’s mocked, as Reagan was. He’s ridiculed by the Hollywood establishment, as Reagan was ... What he is is the president of all the people, the middle class, the forgotten men and women.”