Logan Paul gets YouTube advertising back in probation deal

Logan Paul gets YouTube advertising back in probation deal

Embattled YouTube personality Logan Paul is set to rejoin the website's monetization program after being suspended for posting a series of controversial and disturbing videos. 

Polygon reported Monday that Paul will once again get advertising on his YouTube videos, but will remain on a 90-day probation that prevents his videos from appearing in the website's "trending" category, which will limit Paul's ability to reach viewers.

He will also be barred from getting "Google Preferred" ads on his videos, ads that are placed with the top 5 percent of content on YouTube. 


In December, Paul sparked a firestorm after posting a video of a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara forest, known as a location that attracts people considering suicide.

Paul apologized for that video and produced a short documentary on suicide awareness in response to the controversy. But after returning to making YouTube videos, Paul found himself in hot water again when he posted a video in which he tasered a dead rat and tried to give CPR to a fish. 

According to Polygon, a YouTube representative confirmed that Paul and his team had reviewed the website's guidelines and said they understand what kind of content is acceptable. 

Despite the controversies surrounding Paul, he has not been formally banned from the website. YouTube bans users using a three-strike system, and company CEO Susan Wojcicki has said that Paul — one of the platform's biggest stars — does not deserve to be banned.

"He hasn’t done anything that would cause those three strikes," Wojcicki said, according to Polygon. "We can’t just be pulling people off our platform. They need to violate a policy. We need to have consistent [rules]."