PBS planning conservative talk show

PBS planning conservative talk show
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PBS on Wednesday announced that it will launch a new talk show with conservative hosts called “In Principle.”

The weekly half-hour show, set to premiere on April 13, will be hosted by the columnist and frequent "PBS NewsHour" contributor Michael Gerson and political news commentator Amy Holmes.

The hosts will talk with guests “from across the ideological spectrum in the worlds of politics, policy, the arts and academia” about the “larger discussions taking place in the country today,” PBS said in a statement.


“This is a time when big, fundamental issues — about identity, about citizenship, about how we define our country — are being debated in American life,” Gerson said. “We need serious dialogue that stands in contrast to the degraded discourse so common in American politics right now.”

Gerson added that the show will explore the “beliefs and motivations” of “newsmakers and culture shapers” in a way that might not be available on other shows.

“We need a place where we can have thoughtful, reasonable, in-depth conversations about politics, policy, culture — you name it — where we’re really talking to each other instead of shouting at each other,” Holmes said.

The hosts will talk with two guests on each show, and the show will be similar to William F. Buckley’s “Firing Line,” The Associated Press reported.

PBS has committed to running the prime-time show for eight weeks.