Ex-Sinclair news director compares media bias promos to 'proof-of-life' hostage videos

A former news director at a Sinclair Broadcast Group network compared the mandated media bias messages read by local anchors to a “proof-of-life hostage video.”

Aaron Weiss, a former news director of a network bought by Sinclair, said on CNN’s "New Day" that his “heart broke” for the local anchors who were forced to read the message.


Weiss noted that he grew up in a local news environment and his mother had been a local news anchor for 30 years.

“I imagined if she had been forced to do something like that when I was a kid, and forced to make a decision about her ethics versus feeding her family and keeping her job in a business that she loved, I couldn’t imagine doing it,” Weiss said.

“And so my heart goes out to all of those anchors ... it’s the equivalent of a proof-of-life hostage video,” he continued.

Sinclair mandated that local anchors at stations across the country read the script slamming “fake news" from other outlets. A supercut of the segments created by Deadspin went viral over the weekend, drawing criticism.

Sinclair has pushed back against the criticism, calling the promos a "well-researched journalistic initiative."