Trump spokesman says he doesn’t 'know' if aide made McCain comment she apologized for

After dozens of calls for an official apology, the White House is still dodging questions over a comment made by one of its staffers.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley on Sunday refused to comment directly on special assistant Kelly Sadler mocking Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) brain cancer.

Gidley, who was confronted about the comment on "Fox & Friends," said he was not present at the meeting, and therefore he does not know "if the comment was even made."

"Look, I wasn't in the meeting, I didn't hear the comment," he said when asked if he thought the comment was "kind."

Host Ed Henry shot back, "You've heard the comment now, was it kind?"

"I don't know if the comment was even made or not," Gidley responded. "I wasn't in the meeting."

The Hill reported last week that Sadler dismissed McCain's opposition to President Trump's CIA nominee Gina Haspel, saying that his opinion doesn't matter because he's "dying anyway."

Sadler has since called the senator's daughter, Meghan McCain, to apologize for the comment about her father - an apology Henry made note of.

Fox News's Abby Hunstman then pressed Gidley on why the White House would not "just come out and apologize" for the comment.

"All I can say is we don't comment on internal private meetings in the White House, but look if she called Meghan McCain, if that's been confirmed to some degree, that's up to Kelly Sadler herself and the McCain family," Gidley said.