Former Trump staffer joins Sinclair Broadcasting

Former Trump staffer joins Sinclair Broadcasting
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A former Trump campaign member who later joined the White House communications team is joining Sinclair Broadcasting Group as the network has weathered controversy in recent months over its pro-Trump leanings.

Kaelan Dorr, who worked for the Trump campaign as a deputy communications adviser and later joined the White House as director of congressional communications, will join the right-leaning network where he tweeted he will work alongside Boris Epshteyn as an executive political producer on Epshteyn's show.


"I’m proud to announce I’ve joined Sinclair Broadcast Group as Executive Political Producer! I’ll be working on Bottom Line With @BorisEP, and am eager to bring my unique experience as a campaign veteran and Trump WH alum to an already stellar group," Dorr tweeted.

Epshteyn is a former surrogate for the Trump campaign himself and has been the face of Sinclair's must-run television segments that often praise Trump administration policies or attack the White House's critics, typically other members of the media.

The Sinclair executive called Dorr one of Washington's "most promising young talents" in a tweet praising the new hire.

"Excited to announce that Trump campaign and WH alum Kaelan Dorr is joining Sinclair and Bottom Line w/Boris team as Executive Political Producer! Kaelan is one of D.C’s most promising young talents, bringing a ton of energy and unique perspective," he wrote.

Earlier this year the network faced a barrage of criticism after it forced anchors at its affiliate stations to read from a "must-run" script bashing "fake news" and false reporting in the national media.

“Unfortunately, some members of the national media are using their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control 'exactly what people think' ... This is extremely dangerous to our democracy," the script, which was read on dozens of TV stations across the country, said.