Michelle Wolf slams networks for interviewing Trump officials: You're giving a megaphone to liars

Comedian Michelle Wolf slammed television networks including NBC, ABC and CNN for consistently interviewing Trump Cabinet officials, saying that they are giving megaphones to liars. 


“Conway was recently on ‘Meet the Press’ for the ninth time to discuss the family separation policy,” Wolf said on her Netflix show, "The Break with Michelle Wolf," referring to White House counselor Kellyanne ConwayKellyanne Elizabeth ConwaySpecial counsel investigating DeVos for potential Hatch Act violation: report George and Kellyanne Conway honor Ginsburg Trump carries on with rally, unaware of Ginsburg's death MORE.

“Now, she’s never once answered a question honestly or given any sort of useful information, but I mean there has to be some reason she’s on, right? Maybe this time, Chuck Todd will press her until she gives a straight answer,” Wolf said. 

She later chastised CNN hosts Jake Tapper and Don Lemon for acting as if they are standing up to Trump officials.

She cited Lemon's interview with former Trump campaign adviser Steve Cortes, during which Lemon accused Cortes of lying. 

Wolf mocked the interaction, saying that when the host acts like "the guest forced his way into the studio ... you almost forget that he was invited on and paid.” 

Wolf then aimed her criticism at Tapper, playing a clip of the CNN host silencing White House senior adviser Stephen Miller during an appearance in January. 

“You brought him on your show and bravely cut his mic after 12 minutes,” Wolf said sarcastically.

She capped the segment with clips from an interview ABC recently aired with former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, calling it useless.   

“Imagine if these shows just reported the news,” Wolf said. “They wouldn’t need any of these guests at all. All they would have to say is: ‘Immigrant children have been ripped from their parents due to Trump’s policies. End of news.' ”

Wolf ended the segment by saying that the networks aren't as "bad as racist, catheter-peddlers over at Fox News," but that they are "still an accomplice if you’re giving a megaphone to a liar."

Wolf has repeatedly criticized the White House and the media this year and drew widespread attention for her performance at the White House correspondents' dinner. While most critics focused on her remarks about press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Wolf also blasted the media for its seeming obsession with Trump. 

"You guys are obsessed with Trump," she said. "Did you used to date him? You act like you hate him, but I think you really love him. ... You helped create this monster, and now you're profiting off of him."